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The Horse Troughs and Drinking Fountains of the Henry W. Clapp Co

For the Accommodation of Man & Beast: The Horse Troughs & Drinking Fountains of the Henry W. Clapp Co. & the Concord Foundry Co.

Our research has shown us that there are 14 other Clapp/Concord Foundry Co. fountains still surviving in New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts. Like our fountain, several of them are missing original cast parts. We have prepared a report about the 15 fountains and hope to enlist other communities in a cooperative effort to re-cast parts and bring the fountains back to their original glory.  On April 19th at Warner Town Hall we will offer a slide program about the surviving Clapp and Concord Foundry fountains, and a brief discussion about the Warner fountain. Historical societies from other communities will be invited. We welcome anyone with an interest to come and share your views.

Larry Sullivan & the Warner Historical Society

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