Education and Advocacy for Historic Preservation

The following is excerpted from Preserving Community Character: Preservation Planning Handbook for New Hampshire.

Public and Municipal Education

There is a strong public benefit to showcasing a community’s historical and cultural resources.  Whether done by a heritage commission, historical society, or some other group, there are multiple ways to educate people, raise awareness, and influence future decisions and actions.  These plaques that note important historic events or designated buildings; walking tours showcasing architectural and historic attributes of the community; exhibits on local history and distinctive people and places; school projects and presentations; a preservation awards program for exemplary rehabilitation or stewardship of historic buildings and places; an informative website or Facebook page; and publishing a series of newspaper articles on individual buildings (drawn from a historical resource survey if one has been done).


Become an Advocate

Whether you're concerned about a particular building's long term future, or if there's an immediate crisis at hand, citizen action can be a powerful tool.  





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