Keep Your Old House in Shape with this Spring Check List

  • Check gutters for winter damage, repair if necessary, clean out gutters, check functionality of downspouts and water discharge area        

  • Evaluate grade around house and improve drainage, and if needed, add downspout leaders to carry the water well away from the foundation

  • Raise/store storm windows, make needed repairs now

  • If unable to keep basement humidity under control with basement windows open, close windows and start dehumidifier: target relative humidity is 50-60%      

  • Check for adequate ventilation in attic, open gable-end attic windows for increased ventilation, remember to insert screens to keep out bats and other unwanted visitors

  • Inspect roof for damage and leaks, a good time to inspect the attic for leaks is when it’s raining·        

  • Check windows, repair any cracked glass and re-glaze and paint where needed ·        

  • Trim all trees and vegetation around house so there is ideally at least 2-3 feet clearance

  • Gently wash dirt and mold growth off wood siding and trim; mild soap and TSP substitute works well on wood surfaces, power washing is not recommended because of potential for water infiltration and damage to wood ·        

  • Closely inspect exterior of house, basement and attic for insect infestation, treat where necessary for carpenter ants, termites and powderpost beetles with non-toxic (to humans and animals) Boracare.

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