Barn Preservation Help

"Where do I start?" 

 Getting professional advice is an important first step in caring for a historic barn.  We are happy to provide a list of approved barn preservation contractors who will do assessments on a direct fee basis, or check our Preservation Directory.  

Financial help for a professional assessment is available through Historic Barn Assessment Grants.  Created by the Preservation Alliance, the N.H. Division of Historical Resources and the New Hampshire Historic Agricultural Structures Advisory Committee,  the program offers competitive matching grants of $250 or $400.  Coupled with a property-owner contribution, the funding goes toward hiring a barn assessment consultant who inspects the barn, determines its age and key construction features, assesses what's required to stabilize, repair and reuse the structure, and puts these findings into a written report. The result is a valuable planning tool that identifies problems, proposes specific preservation strategies, and estimates repair costs.

To download an application click here, or contact Beverly Thomas, Program Director, at (603) 224-2281.

Click here to download the Farm Reconnaissance Form (must submit with grant application).

Historic Barn Tax Incentive or RSA 79-D
A 2002 state law, RSA 79-D, creates a mechanism to encourage the preservation of historic New Hampshire barns and other agricultural buildings by authorizing municipalities to grant property tax relief to barn owners who (a) can demonstrate the public benefit of preserving their barns or other historic farm buildings, and (b) agree to maintain their structures throughout the term of a minimum 10-year preservation easement.

Include your Barn in the Statewide Barn Survey  

Help us compile accurate data on barns to strengthen the case for funding and other tools to help save New Hampshire barns.  Download and complete a barn survey sheet for your barn and send it to the NH Division of Historical Resources. Better yet, get your community together and survey all the barns in your area. 

Town-wide Barn Surveys

Many towns are doing a town-wide survey of their remaining historic barns.  It's is great project for a Heritage Commission or historical group, and engages the community, promotes the value of preserving historic barns, and opens the door to greater investment in these agricultural structures.

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