Old House & Barn Expo

Presented by the NH Preservation Alliance


Thanks to all who participated in the 2018 Old House and Barn Expo!

Connect with experts in a range of fields -- for information and inspiration! Photo: Steve Booth

At the New Hampshire Old House & Barn Expo there is something for everyone. Have fun and learn from the experts at this unique expo that helps old house and barn owners and enthusiasts with appropriate and affordable solutions. Create your own show “itinerary” and explore preservation strategies, architecture, craft and history through hourly lectures, visits with high quality exhibitors, demonstrations, a scavenger hunt for kids and adults, and “Old House and Barn Doctor” sessions. And, you don’t need to own an old home or barn – the show is about style, ideas and decoration, too.

We loved featuring these folks:

·         Tom McLaughlin, the new host of NHPBS’s Rough Cut with Fine Woodworking;

·          Howard Mansfield, author of The Same AxeTwiceDwelling in Possibility and In the
               Memory House
, with his newest book Summer Over Autumn;

·         Dr. James Garvin, architectural historian and award-winning author of A Building History
                of Northern New England

·         Kevin Gardner, teacher, stone mason and author of Granite Kiss and his new book
              Stone Building;

·         Henry Homeyer, garden columnist and commentator;

·         Joe Monninger, author of A Barn in New England;

·         Author and newspaper columnist John Clayton (now executive director of the
              Manchester Historic Association in the Expo's host city);

·         Jim DeStefano, structural engineer, architect and author of Antique New England
             Homes and Barns.

·         Steve Taylor, former N.H. commissioner of Agriculture, Markets & Food and frequent                    popular presenter on New Hampshire history and community topics.

Preservation guru and Preservation Alliance board member Ian Blackman of Chichester puts it this way: “People who you meet at the Expo are passionate about what they do. The exhibitors and presenters are knowledgeable, love their work, and care deeply about the historic character of our state.”

Topics of presentations, demonstrations and exhibits include: 21st century comfort in old homes • Barn repair • Energy efficiency • Financing and insurance • Old house maintenance •  Home buying strategies • Interior finishes • Lead paint • Masonry and plaster repair •
Mid-century architecture • Old house maintenance • Researching house history • Solar • Stone wall building • Timber framing • Window repair • Wood turning and more.

The Preservation Alliance was supported in part by a grant from the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts & the National Endowment for the Arts.

Questions or suggestions? Contact: Jennifer Goodman, 603-224-2281 or email projects@nhpreservation.org with "Expo" in the subject line.

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