Seven to Save


Are you concerned about the future of an important historic building in your community?  Is there an irreplaceable historic structure in the state that you’d like to help save?   The Seven to Save list is a powerful means to attract attention to those threats and help forge possible solutions for such endangered properties.  

Nominations for the 2016 Seven to Save list are due by September 19.  The easy-to-complete nomination form is available here or may be requested from the Alliance office by calling 603-224-2281. 

Criteria for Seven to Save include the property’s historical or architectural significance, severity of the current threat, and the extent to which the Seven to Save listing would help in preserving or protecting the property.  Typically, nominated properties are owned by non-profits, municipalities or commercial entities, and have local advocates willing to work toward a creative “save” rather than allowing continued deterioration and possible demolition.  The 2016 list will be announced October 25 in Manchester.

Seven to Save listing has helped attract new investment and re-use options for over 50% of the community landmarks that have received the designation since the program began in 2006.  Examples include several projects that picked up recent Statewide Preservation Awards:  Watson Academy in Epping, the Langdon Meetinghouse, and Brewster Memorial Hall in Wolfeboro.  Seven to Save sites that still need more creative planning, new investment, and the hard work of local advocates include Concord’s iconic Gas Holder House, the Chandler House in Manchester, Sanborn Seminary in Kingston, and the former Brown Paper Company’s R & D building in Berlin.  

 Anyone can submit a nomination for the Seven to Save list.  Previous nominations have come from concerned citizens, neighborhood advocacy groups, non-profit organizations, and municipal governments or commissions. 

Seven to Save ‘s sponsors for 2016 include: The Anagnost Companies; Ian Blackman, LLC Restoration and Preservation; JLT Painting; Christopher P. Williams Architects; Samyn-D’Elia Architects, PA; Milestone Engineering & Construction; Cobb Hill Construction; ReArch; Windows & Doors by Brownell; Ciborowski Associates; North Branch Construction; Norton Asset Management; Finegold Alexander Architects; Udelsman Associates; and the Turnstone Corporation. Sponsorship opportunities for 2016 are still available.  

About Seven to Save:

The New Hampshire Preservation Alliance created Seven to Save in 2006 to focus attention and resources on significant historic properties in New Hampshire that are threatened by neglect, deterioration, insufficient funds, inappropriate development, and/or insensitive public policy.

Historic resources are eligible for the program if they are over 50 years old and are significant representations of the state's heritage. Besides historical or architectural significance, criteria for Seven to Save also include severity of the current threat to the property and the extent to which the listing will make a difference in preserving or protecting it. 

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