Old Barn Resources

"How can I get help restoring and preserving my historic barn?"  

Many historic barns are now threatened and many more have already disappeared from the landscape. the Alliance is committed to helping people preserve these structures.   

Our Preservation Directory lists contractors and services for old barns.   

Barn Preservation Help provides an overview of the best resources available to barn owners in New Hampshire, including barn assessment grants from the Preservation Alliance and the statewide barn preservation easement program which can help reduce property taxes on your barn. 

The Technical Information section list additional programs and resources.

Our Old House & Barn Program offers lectures, workshops and tours to support historic barn stewards. Topics include dating a historic barn, do-it-yourself maintenance strategies, and how to work with a barn preservation contractor. Email to join the Old House & Barn network and receive notice of upcoming programs.  

Plan to attend our biennial Old House & Barn Expo, a two-day, one-stop resource fair you won't want to miss.  

Join the Preservation Alliance and receive our member newsletters which features information on barn preservation in each issue.  

We encourage you to offer program suggestions or to share your old barn stories.

Beverly Thomas, Program Director at
603-224-2281 or bt@nhpreservation.org

We want to empower you to help save these tangible links to our agricultural past!


Resource Pages Within The "Barn Preservation" Section