What We Do

Preservation Services

The Preservation Alliance is the go-to place for preservation information - whether you own an old house or barn, are caring for historic structures owned by a non-profit or municipality, or are seeking help in preserving the character of a village, town or city.   A phone call or an email to the Alliance opens the door to expert coaching, consultation and technical assistance. Through our shared field services program with the National Trust for Historic Preservation, our Old House & Barn program, grants, workshops and events, we serve hundreds of New Hampshire individuals, organizations and communities. In many cases, our staff will make an on-site visit as part of our initial consultation. We can assist with funding, project management, selecting contractors, legal issues, or public relations. Building one-on-one relationships is the best way to help local preservation projects succeed.  


We offer grants to non-profits or municipalities for building assessments or re-use studies, and we also offer barn assessment grants.  By helping to fund this early-stage evaluation of a historic building's condition and developing a "road map" for action, we can help guide projects to success.

Our educational programs and workshops are tailored to emerging needs for homeowners, local officials, and non-profits.   They provide valuable information to help solve problems in your historic home or prioritize and plan work on a local civic project. Two alternating biennial events, the Old House & Barn Expo, and our Preserving Community Character Conference, take place in the spring.  Special tours for Alliance members, usually held in the summer months, offer behind-the-scenes views of special places throughout the Granite State. These help tell important preservation stories that acknowledge the hard work of many people and serve to inspire others.

Our annual Preservation Achievement Awards recognize outstanding work statewide, and our annual Seven to Save list calls attention to threatened or endangered historic resources.  

The Alliance assists individuals or community organizations interested in creating preservation easements to preserve the character-defining values of a home, farm, or local landmark.  Easements that include both land conservation and historic resource protection are a current priority.

The Preservation Alliance's member newsletter offer how-to information for homeowners and community leaders, links to local and national resources and updates on other opportunities for preservation-minded audiences.

Who We Are

The N.H. Preservation Alliance is a non-profit, membership-based organization that helps community leaders and property owners save and revitalize our irreplaceable historic landmarks and preserve our distinctive community character.  Established in 1985, we provide strategic coaching, technical assistance, planning grants, workshops and other services.   We serve as a clearinghouse for information and work closely with local, state and national partners on various projects.   


The Preservation Alliance strengthens communities and stimulates local economies by encouraging the protection and revival of historic buildings and places.

Our Vision

  • There are revived buildings, vibrant downtowns and protected landscapes in every town and city.

  • Historic preservation is an integral part of economic and environmental trends. Community development and environmentally-sustainable practices that reflect historic preservation principles are embraced by citizens, local decision-makers and state and federal policy makers.

  • People in New Hampshire know the benefits of preservation, take action to preserve historic resources, and know where to turn for specific assistance.

Preservation Policy

The Preservation Alliance serves as a voice for critical needs and emerging issues related to preservation, and has a statehouse lobbyist to extend our presence and effectiveness.   One of our top priorities is working to assure continued state funding for the Land and Community Heritage Investment Program (LCHIP).   We provide candidates for major state offices with a biennial preservation agenda, created in partnership with the New Hampshire Division of Historical Resources and other groups in housing and community development, and work to introduce or support legislation that advances our mission and vision.


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