Seven to Save

2017 Seven to Save Announcement
Wolfeboro Town Hall
Friday, October 27, 2017

4 - 5 pm - Optional tours at the following locations:
Pickering House, Town Hall, Wolfeboro Railroad Depot, Lakes Region Model Railroad Museum

5 - 7 pm - Seven to Save Announcement and Reception

Register - 603-224-2281 or

Directions and additional info will be sent with confirmation

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What is Seven to Save?

Seven to Save designation attracts attention to, and helps forges possible solutions for, threatened landmarks.  To date, Seven to Save listing has helped to attract new investment and re-use options for over 50% of the listees since 2006, when the program began. 

What is the criteria for listing to Seven to Save?

Our committee looks at the property’s historical or architectural significance, severity of the current threat, and the extent to which a Seven to Save listing would help in preserving the property. 

What does listing to Seven to Save get listees?

The designation often garners substantial media attention and helps the historic resource attract funding, investors and/or other resources. There is no direct monetary award with designation. Our office also works closely with property owners and advocates to help their projects moves forward.

What if my nomination is not accepted?

Seven to Save is competitive. If your nomination is not accepted, don’t worry! We have many success stories from historic resources that were saved without this designation. The adage, "if at first you don't succeed, try try again" also sometimes applies here. 

How can I contribute to a Seven to Save property?

Visit our donation page to help the Preservation Alliance save endangered places. If a property is located near where you live, consider contacting the responsible party and offering your time or expertise. 

Seven to Save sites that still need more creative planning, new investment, and advocacy include Concord’s iconic Gas Holder House, the Chandler House in Manchester, Sanborn Seminary in Kingston, and the former Brown Paper Company’s R & D building in Berlin.  

See lists from past years to the right, and go here for information on the newest listees (2016).

Seven to Saves sponsors for 2017 include:

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