Seven to Save

The New Hampshire Preservation Alliance has announced its 2017 Seven to Save list on October 27th, highlighting the danger to small towns that threaten to erase the state's sense of place and economic vitality. The list features a new group of endangered historic structures that include the first Catholic church in the Mount Washington Valley, a rare surviving timber frame fire engine house, headquarters of the pharmaceutical company that patented the sugar-coated pill, and a 1797 meetinghouse languishing after a devastating fire.  Preservation Alliance leaders emphasized that saving special places and small town character should be essential ingredients in statewide campaigns to attract investment, draw new visitors and support local businesses.

“Our small town character makes our state distinctive,” said Jennifer Goodman, executive director of the Preservation Alliance. “The mix of our old with new building stock, and character and scale of historic main street buildings, attract a varied ages of types of people, help incubate small businesses and create attachments to communities that boost economic vitality.” While endangered properties in small towns have been in prior Seven to Save lists of the 11-year old program, this year’s list is remarkable in that all the listees are in towns with populations ranging from approximately 1,300 to 7,300.

Michael Duffy of Manchester, board member of the Preservation Alliance and chair of the Seven to Save committee, noted that “deterioration, demolition and the desire for new investment are some of the threats to the historic properties on this list. Here are seven great opportunities to transform threatened resources into vibrant community assets once again.”  He noted that many of the listees are not yet well-known or understood, even in their own communities.

See below to read about each of the 2017 Seven to Save listees:

Gale School, Belmont

Hope Engine Co. No. 1, Hinsdale

B&M Freight Shed, Canaan

French-Taylor House, Moultonborough

Parker J. Noyes Building, Lancaster

St. Joseph Catholic Church, Bartlett

Grafton Center Meetinghouse

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