The Irreplaceable Assets Campaign

Our endowment fund provides a reliable income source to supplement annual funding of our core programs. Generous donors have committed over $500,000 since this fund was created.  The board-approved draw from the endowment has been used to make small planning grants to communities throughout the state, advance legislation that helps make the renovation of old schools as easy as building new ones, and launch new business strategies. Three endowed funds address the primary preservation needs of Granite Staters.

1. The Preservation Services Fund

This endowment fund supports our preservation services such as the hands-on coaching and resources provided by our field service staff and our small grants program.  This direct assistance is the backbone of our services.  By providing community groups and historic property owners with personalized guidance and matching dollars to hire preservation consultants, the Preservation Services Fund helps assure successful preservation outcomes. 

2. The Preservation Policy Fund

This fund ensures that preservation advocates have a strong voice and that proactive preservation policies are in place to support individual and community efforts to protect New Hampshire's heritage.  The Preservation Alliance continues its commitment to see the legislature provide full funding for the Land and Community Heritage Investment Program (LCHIP), and to increasing statewide use of the barn tax incentive, in use in 90 communities to date. The Preservation Policy Fund promises a continued focus on up-to-date data and models for good decision-making at the local, state and national levels.

3. The New Ventures Fund

The New Hampshire Preservation Alliance has an outstanding record of growth with consistently balanced budgets and no long-term debt. The New Ventures Fund enables us to create new services such as training materials, a better website, and resource toolkits. It is also available to support investments in the organizational development of the Preservation Alliance.

Together with strong annual support, continued growth in these three endowed funds will go a long way toward helping meet New Hampshire's changing and expanding preservation needs.

How to Contribute to the Irreplaceable Assets Campaign

Individuals, families, and businesses can make donations to the Irreplaceable Assets campaign with a pledge over three years. Gifts may be directed to any of the three permanent funds or made as an unrestricted contribution to be distributed among all the funds. Donations of cash, securities, charitable remainder trusts, life insurance, real property on a life-tenancy basis, or other deferred gift option are accepted.

Every gift, in any amount, will make a permanent impact in the work of the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance. Our donors can be assured that their generosity to the Alliance will help protect the irreplaceable assets of New Hampshire for future generations.

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