Preservation Tips for Solar on Barns

Considering a solar installation on an old barn? Here are some historic preservation tips:

·        Locate the solar array with minimal to no visibility from the front/street side of barn when possible; is barn roof the best place?

·        Match color of solar panels to the roof as close as possible.

·        Install the panels on the same plane as the roof with no alterations to the roof configuration.

·        All solar panel installation work should be reversible.

·        All solar installations should be performed with the least intrusion or impact, both visual and physical, to the historic character of the barn.

·        Check applicable zoning and planning ordinances and building codes regarding solar installations. If you are in an historic district, check these regulations too.

·        If you are considering applying for the barn tax incentive program (RSA 79-D), check with your municipality for guidance on roof-mounted solar panels. And contact us at for a Q&A about this issue.

Helpful links:

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