Behind the Scenes at the Expo: Some of our Sponsors

The N.H. Preservation Alliance's generous sponsors help make the Old House & Barn Expo, and preservation work across the state, possible. Here are four:

Antique Homes Magazine: Connections and Advice for Old House and Barn Buyers, Sellers and Stewards

This magazine and web-site help you find historic properties for sale, and offer a product and service directory, articles related to historic preservation, and an on-line guide to historic architectural styles. Serving New England since 1995. “The Old House & Barn Expo provides a terrific forum to meet up with other old house owners, admire their old house “baby” pictures, and to learn from skilled craftsmen and building professionals sympathetic to the uniqueness of these buildings,” said Ginger Petraglia.  “The upbeat, “can-do” attitude of the NH Preservation Alliance serves a cross generational population who value what came before and strive to make possible an enduring legacy.” You can follow their posts on Facebook, and visit their booth at the Expo.  Antiques Home Magazine

Bedard Preservation & Restoration: Old House, Barn and Historic Building Repair, Rehab and Restoration   

This Gilmanton, NH-based company offers over 40 years of experience with buildings dating from 1685 through 1930.  Services include initial project evaluation, structural work, interior/exterior detail work as well as coordination with subcontractor. “Our common sense approach translates into a project that runs smoothly and is cost effective,” said Steve Bedard.  Visit their booth at the Expo and attend Bedard’s two-part sessions Saturday, March 24 at noon (assessing buildings) and 2 p.m. (adding 21st century comfort and convenience). Bedard Preservation & Restoration

Preservation Timber Framing: Analysis and Repair of Timber Framed Structures

 This team of highly talented craftsmen is dedicated to the preservation of historic buildings, specializing in the structural repair of timber framed structures. Their resume includes work on old houses and barns as well as small- and large-scale, award-winning church and meetinghouse projects. “The Expo is the icing on the cake that is the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance,” Arron Sturgis said.   “It is a celebration of preservation and an affirmation of the important and critical work the Alliance does in this state.” Preservation Timber Framing


New Hampshire Home: Sharing Stories, Advice and Inspiration

Showcases the work of talented architects, interior and garden designers, artists, craftsmen and others whose work makes New Hampshire homes unique places in which to live.  “As someone who lives in an old home and writes about old homes, I always look forward to the Old House and Barn Expo," said Andi Axman, editor of the magazine New Hampshire Home. “It’s a great place to learn more about what we can do to preserve these treasures and meet others who love them, too.” New Hampshire Home

Additional profiles will be posted before the Expo. More on our sponsors and the Expo here