52 Barns in 52 Weeks

Preserving old barns, farms and other historic places protects the character of our communities and helps our economy thrive. We don’t want to lose more irreplaceable landmarks. You make the difference! Help us preserve the New Hampshire you love!

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Barns tell the history of New Hampshire: from hardscrabble beginnings to the sheep and dairy booms in the 19th century, virtually every rural homestead and village property included a barn.  As you travel through New Hampshire today, it’s impossible not to see that this legacy of hard work and community is crumbling around us.  

The goal of 52 Barns in 52 Weeks is to help at least 52 barns across the state in 2017 with assessment grants, education and promotion of a local tax relief program for barns. Barns will be showcased that offer practical information and inspiration to others. We're losing historic New Hampshire barns at a rate of nearly one per day, and experts point to a big bubble of need because of deferred maintenance in many 19th century barns.  Enjoy this N.H. Public Radio news piece on the campaign. 

Learn how we can help.  The Preservation Alliance will use three proven programs to meet the goal: assessment grants that help owners prioritize and plan barn repair work, educational programs for barn owners and enthusiasts, and expanding use of a state barn easement program that can offer tax relief to property owners for their historic agriculture structures. Send an email to barns@nhpreservation.org to be added to our list for 2017 program updates and offerings.  

Donate to 52 Barns

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